Rise Up. Speak Up. Step Up.

About Us

Rise Up Florida! is a grassroots group of engaged citizens whose goals are to mobilize people, activate them to protect our community from unfair and unjust policies and work towards electing representatives who reflect our core values of equal rights and opportunity for all.

Take Action

We co-sponsor and attend several events a month related to the issues we care deeply about. These events range from protests to seminars, discussions to representative office visits. We also host guest speakers such as candidates, elected officials, leaders in our community and issue experts at our monthly members meeting. Get started by coming to one of our events listed below.

Upcoming Events

The Issues



Our mission is to uphold Horace Mann’s vision that education is society’s greatest equalizer, and that it is a requisite of an egalitarian democracy. Therefore, it is critical that quality education must be provided to ALL students.



We advocate for health care parity, access, and affordability for ALL Americans. We communicate on all potential, pending, and on-going healthcare issues and  concerns. We educate our members about health care issues and collaborate with other resistance groups, healthcare committees, and community organizations to support each other's initiatives.



We are fighting for the planet to save what’s left! We advocate for clean water and air. Support science-based global climate action. Promote clean, sustainable energy policies. Oppose actions to undermine the EPA. Protect our national parks. Ensure Everglades restoration and preservation. Oppose any oil drilling off Florida’s coastline and safeguard local endangered habitats.


Human Rights

We are committed to the defense of Human Rights at home and abroad, including, Women's Issues, LGBTQ Rights, Felons' Rights and Racial Equality. We stay informed on these issues and when there are egregious laws or opinions, we inform and advise our members to take action.



We will push our legislators for an overhaul of failed immigration policy - In favor of a just and fair process regarding entry requirements for refugees and asylum seekers. We abhor any attempt to criminalize immigrants without a guaranty of due process; we deplore the separation of families. We support the process of moving eligible immigrants toward full citizenship.


Electing Democrats

Our goal is to work within the Democratic party to support any and all efforts to get Democrats elected by working in a phone bank, canvassing, or registering voters. During election season, we will also monitor polls to make sure that there is no attempt to suppress the vote.